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MALAYSIA AIRPORTS CHAMPIONS WASHROOM CLEANLINESS Malaysia Airports kicks-start awareness campaign by educating young children on proper washroom etiquette

14 November 2017

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports aims to champion public washroom cleanliness by being a role model in the area and setting the standards for clean public washrooms. The airport operator had first initiated this through a major refurbishment project of 225 of its washrooms in KL International Airport (KLIA). While the refurbishment is still ongoing and is targeted to complete by 2019, Malaysia Airports has also embarked on a public service awareness (PSA) campaign to educate the public on proper public washroom etiquette. 

The Washroom Etiquette PSA Campaign was kicked-start by organising visits to KLIA for primary school students from four of its adopted schools and teaching them how to use public amenities responsibly. The campaign started with students from SJK (C) Wah Lian Sg Pelek on 2 November, SK Bangkong (A) Sg Pelek on 7 November, SJK (T) Dengkil on 9 November and continues with SK Dengkil today. A total of 140 students were invited to join this campaign.  

Managing director of Malaysia Airports, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali said, “Our main objective in implementing this programme is to promote good washroom etiquette by starting them young. We believe that as the custodian of Malaysia’s gateways into the country, it is important to represent the image of a considerate and courteous nation to the world. Wouldn’t it be great if visitors to our country identify us, not only with superior facilities but also the correct mindset in taking care of our public infrastructure? We feel that our efforts in this area would also go far in upholding our mission of providing joyful experience to our airport users.” 

He added, “Our own employees are highly involved in this campaign as we have a dedicated team who have given their time to engage with these young children for this purpose.”

On top of learning on washroom etiquette, the children were also treated to an airport tour where they visited the airside and had a once-in-a–lifetime opportunity to get a closer view of the airside operations. 

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