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Irresistible Delights

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Don't miss out on these Irresistible Delights when you dine at our Airports.
  Grandmama's Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a must-try in Malaysia!

Grandmama's popular dish- Nasi lemak will surely bring back fond memories from your childhood! Fragrant coconut rice topped with mouthwatering sambal and delectable sides, this dish lets you experience the unique flavours of Malaysia with just one bite.

Drop by Grandmama's at KLIA for more traditional delights.
  Feast of Fish

Enjoy the Feast of Fish at Bumbu Desa klia2. Special menu items priced at RM35.90 per dish:
  • Deep Fried Pomfret with Spicy Red Onion Sauce 
  • Deep Fried Pomfret with Sweet Tomato Onion Sauce 
  • Deep Fried Pomfret with "Padang" Thick Coconut Sauce 
  • Deep Fried Pomfret with Cianjur Curry
  Mamak Kandar Rice Penang

Head over to Food Garden KLIA and get the Set Naan (Naan Bread) & Ayam Tandoori (Tandoori Chicken) at Mamak Kandar Rice Penang outlet. Food Garden is located at Level 2, Main Terminal Building, KLIA.
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