Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (ISGIA), Turkey


In March 2008, Malaysia Airports together with its consortium partners, Limak Group, Turkey (LIMAK) and GMR Infrastructure Limited, India (GMR) signed the implementation agreement with the Turkish’s Ministry of Defense and subsequently took over the operations of the ISGIA in May 2008. The concession tenure is for a period of 22 years.


The brand new terminal of ISGIA was inaugurated in October 2009 and it was completed 18 months ahead of the 30 months scheduled. The brand new terminal is designed to handle 25 mppa by the end of concession. Due to its fast growth in the traffic, ISGIA is honored with the Airport Traffic Growth Award by ANNIE for 2 consecutive years, i.e. 2010 and 2011.


ISGIA was also voted as the World's Best Airport at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London.


ISGIA is also identified as the world’s largest seismically isolated building which makes the building move side-to-side during an earthquake.  The whole building moves as a single unit, which will prevent damage from uneven forces acting on the structure.


New terminal size 22,000 sqm
Passenger per annum capacity 25 million
Car park building            4,718 parking lots (4 storey building)
Airport hotel       120 rooms and 8 suites
Check-in counter 112 check-in and 24 self check-in counters
Food Court Area 5,000 sqm
Duty Free Shopping Area 4,500 sqm
No.of runways 1
Runway length   3 km
Annual cargo capacity    145,000 tonnes