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Apr/10/2014 [more]
KUALA LUMPUR – KL International Airport (KLIA) maintained its superb streak in Skytrax World Airport Awards when it was voted the second best airport (serving 40-50 million passengers) in the Skytrax 2014 World’s
Apr/04/2014 [more]
Airport Cities Opens in Kuala Lumpur Progressive discussion into latest Airport Cities developments expected at annual conference and exhibition
Progressive discussion into latest Airport Cities developments expected at annual conference and exhibition   1 April 2014 - KUALA LUMPUR – The 13th Airport Cities Conference and Exhibition, the global
Mar/31/2014 [more]
Lufthansa to link Kuala Lumpur non-stop with the largest European network - Kuala Lumpur – With the start of the summer flight schedule on 31 March 2014, Lufthansa will be switching the previous flight from Kuala
Mar/31/2014 [more]
Sepang, 24 March 2014 -- Calling all racing enthusiasts!  Unleash the speed demon in you with the chance get fast and furious at the KL International Airport (KLIA) Pit-stop even as the Formula1 season zooms into
Mar/24/2014 [more]


Company Announcement


klia2 Interior Design video 










Malaysia Airports' Policy On Acceptance And Giving Of Gifts And Entertainment

In the effort to uphold Corporate Governance and Transparency in our business conduct, Malaysia Airports wishes to communicate our policy that our employees shall not solicit and accept any gifts from current or potential vendors, agents and business partners whether directly or indirectly in the position that may influence any decision making process.


Malaysia Airports’ employees are also not allowed to offer or accept any gift of cash, cash equivalents, personal service or others that can put the employees in a position of conflict, intended or provided in the hope of gaining any advantage or that may affect the Company's reputation.


In regard to entertainment, Malaysia Airports' employees are allowed to participate in regular business entertainment on condition that the organised entertainment is Bona-fide and intended as a discussion platform to strengthen business relationships. Employees of Malaysia Airports are expected to comply with the internal policy pertaining to the acceptance and giving of gifts and entertainment, as stipulated in the company’s Code of Ethics.


Site Selection of klia2

The present site for klia2 was selected based on the recommendation in the National Airport Master Plan (NAMP) (2008) after a detailed and comprehensive study involving all stakeholders including Ministry of Transport, Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and all airlines. The original KLIA Master Plan was reviewed so as to take into account the latest development in the aviation industry such as growth of low fare airlines and their specific requirements, rationalisation of routes, liberalisation of air service agreements and aviation security requirements. Major issues such as location, soil condition, airside/landside connectivity and existing infrastructure were also taken into consideration in the study.
This NAMP has superseded the original KLIA Master Plan (1992).


Malaysia Airports’ Brief Comments On Issues Raised by AirAsia

Malaysia Airports wishes to provide a brief clarification on some of the issues raised by our partner at its Press Conference held earlier today.

December/6/2011 [more]

Malaysia Airports’ Initial Response to AirAsia’s Press Release Dated 5th Dec

We refer to AirAsia’s press release dated 5th December 2011. We have taken note of the contents of the release and the attached correspondences. For purpose of completeness, we wish to attach just two (2) letters at this stage that have not been included in the correspondences. We also wish to highlight that so far a total of forty-seven (47) meetings have been held between Malaysia Airports and AirAsia since April 2010 until now to discuss and address all of AirAsia’s requirements. A workshop with all stakeholders including AirAsia was also held in September 2009 where the Needs Statement for klia2 was formulated. The full agreed Minutes of these meetings will better reflect the detailed discussions held between both Malaysia Airports and AirAsia on the development of klia2. December/5/2011

Letter to Chairman AirAsiaX on klia2 Completion 10 October 2011
December/5/2011 [view]
Letter from CEO AirAsia on BHS 16 June 2011
December/5/2011 [view]

December 5, 2011 - SEPANG –  It has always been Malaysia Airports' view that in dealing with our partners, issues raised by either party are best resolved through proper consultation. However, from time to time, we are duty bound to make clarifications so that the public receive accurate information and a balanced perspective.

Over the past few weeks, there have been many issues raised in the media concerning Malaysia Airports. We have therefore made available the relevant clarifications through the media and on our website for reference. We wish to continue working closely with all our partners to address any issues that may arise and will do so through a proper working forum as we believe this is the best and most objective way to do so.
Malaysia Airports believes that any disagreements in public are neither good for the image nor in the best interest of the country.

We wish to categorically state that we have played our role to support the development of air travel in Malaysia and will continue to do so for the future.


Airport tax review doesn't affect domestic passengers
December/5/2011 [more]

We have received many questions and comments on the size and facilities provided at klia2. There seems to be some misunderstanding and misconception on why we are building klia2 as a terminal for 45 million passengers with all the facilities that it is equipped with. We would like to share the information attached, to provide clarity on the matter for all concerned public and stakeholders.


Tapak projek KLIA2 jawab segala-galanya
December/1/2011 [more]
Many Have Wrong Picture Of MAHB, Says Its Chairman
November/23/2011 [more]




Voices Of Support


  Dear Tan Sri, I fully support your plan to increase the airport tax. I think we are still very cheap as compared to other airport. And with raising cost it is only right that you increase
Dec/03/2011 [more]





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