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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Malaysia Airports

19 More Airports Nationwide Installed With Latest Safety Equipments

Installation of the latest thermal scanners and additional sneeze guards at 19 airports to keep airports safe

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports continues its efforts in keeping airport guests safe from the spread of COVID-19 by installing the latest thermal scanners and additional sneeze guards at 19 more airports nationwide. Visitors to the airports can be rest assured that they will have a safe airport experience as the airport operator continually implements various contactless and physical distancing solutions at critical checkpoints throughout the terminals.

Elevating Bumiputera Entrepreneurship Through Opportunities At The Airport

Malaysia Airports is committed in providing platforms to develop bumiputera capabilities in marketing their products.

KUALA LUMPUR – As a government-linked company (GLC) responsible for managing the nation's major gateways, Malaysia Airports has made it a key strategy to elevate bumiputera entrepreneurship by creating opportunities for them to develop and market their products at its network of airports.

Cabinet Approval To Extend Operating Agreements Strengthens Malaysia Airports Commitment To Develop Malaysia As An Aviation Hub

SEPANG– Malaysia Airports is heartened by the confidence shown by the government of Malaysia in extending the tenure of the operating agreements (OA) for the airport operator to operate, manage and maintain airports in Malaysia until 11 February 2069.

Earlier this morning, the Ministry of Transport had announced that the cabinet had approved the OA extension, replacing the previous two OAs signed on 12 February 2009 with four new OAs i.e. OA for KLIA, OA for Designated Airports in Peninsula Malaysia, OA for Sarawak Airports and OA for Sabah Airports.

Sumbangan Malaysia Airports Bantu Murid-Murid Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi (PPKI) Di SK Salak Sepang

Bantuan Peralatan Mengajar Memudahkan Proses Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Bagi Murid-Murid Bekeperluan Khas

SEPANG – Sebuah majlis penyerahan sumbangan keperluan bantuan mengajar bagi Program Pendidikan Khas Intergrasi (PPKI) oleh Malaysia Airports kepada Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Salak Sepang telah diadakan awal hari ini bertujuan bagi menambahbaik mutu pembelajaran untuk murid-murid berkeperluan khas. 

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