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Airport Maintenance Team On High Alert During Inter-Monsoon Season

SEPANG – Since the start of the inter-monsoon season, the area within the vicinity of KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL) has been experiencing very heavy rains. Yesterday on 7 October 2019, we had experienced extreme weather condition causing several areas in and around KUL to take a hit including damage to the roof of the Airport Management Centre (AMC), flash flood around the perimeter road near Runway 2, fallen trees along the terminal roads and leakage to the roof of Flying Emporium, an outlet at the KUL Main Terminal domestic departure.

Due to swift action by the airport operations team and community, the situation at Flying Emporium was under control within an hour. We are now in the midst of repairing the damage and moving forward, the maintenance team will be reinforcing the drainage system in anticipation of continuing heavy rains.

The airport maintenance team will also continue to be on high alert as according to the Meteorological Department, the inter-monsoon season will continue until early November where thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and strong winds are expected.

We wish to remind the public to be more careful on the road and to observe traffic rules and avoid parking by the roadside to ensure your safety. We have ample designated parking areas at the terminal buildings as well as the long-term car park for your convenience.

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