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KLIA Gears Towards Regaining Top Tier Global Rankings With  STARdesk and EZbagz

Airport introduces new feedback platform and self-service bag drop facility for a more enhanced guest experience

SEPANG - As part of efforts to regain top tier global rankings, KL International Airport (KLIA) is enhancing guest experience at the airport by introducing a new feedback management platform, STARdesk, and self-service bag drop facility, EZBagz. Both initiatives aim to elevate service standards at KLIA, thus creating a more seamless guest experience. 

Through STARdesk, KLIA will be able to quickly validate and address passenger feedback within 15 minutes as the newly-formed customer experience team now works around the clock to ensure response times are met and resolutions are undertaken quickest possible. Meanwhile, EZBagz enables passengers to check-in their baggage faster and more efficiently, with each bag taking only 45 seconds for the process.

According to the Chairman of Malaysia Airports, Tan Sri Datuk Zainun Ali, “As an airport operator, our aim is to strengthen Malaysia's position as a regional hub by providing a seamless airport experience. Towards this end, we have been embarking on a transformation exercise involving our service delivery and infrastructure which is critical in delivering our goal of bringing our airports, especially KLIA, back into the top tier of global rankings. Several operational improvements to achieve enhanced service delivery are being undertaken among which are ambience improvement, self-service check-in and digital solutions to ensure the passenger experience at our airports exceeds expectations. We will leverage technology to achieve this, as is evident from the two initiatives that we are introducing today.”

The Managing Director of Malaysia Airports, Dato’ Iskandar Mizal Mahmood said, “STARdesk and EZBagz are two of KLIA’s manifestations of its brave ambitions to elevate the airport as one of the world's best airports. We are changing the way we operate with more vigour and carrying various transformation exercises for continuous enhancements to the passenger journey. We aim to sustain this momentum and introduce more innovative initiatives in the coming months.”

Iskandar also explained that with the newly upgraded feedback management system, passengers can easily submit their feedback through the MYAirports mobile app as and when they encounter issues at the airport, and the airport team will respond within 15 minutes.  Passengers can go to Google Playstore or Apple App Store to download the app which also features flight schedules, wayfinding and F&B offerings at the airport. Iskandar added “STARdesk is part of our transformation initiative that has deep rooted impact to ensure inculcation of a new DNA to the organization. It makes our personnel more agile, responsive and be on our toes at all times to serve our passengers better.”

Meanwhile, six new units of the EZBagz kiosk have been installed at KLIA Terminal 1 to provide more convenience to passengers who are checking-in their baggage. These six units are installed at the Malaysia Airlines (MH) domestic check-in counter from Row B3 to B8. Passengers can print their bag tag at the kiosk before placing them on the conveyor belt. The entire process takes about 45 seconds per bag, effectively reducing the waiting time at the check-in queues. Iskandar further explained, “We are working with airlines to introduce more EZBags facilities in the future. We will also be phasing this with the much needed replacement of our baggage handling system that is currently being undertaken.”

Malaysia Airports has thus far seen passenger recovery of 50% of 2019 level for its Malaysia operations. This trajectory is encouraging. Malaysia Airports is resolved to stay ahead of the curve and provide the services that befit a global top-tier airport.

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