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Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad Registers Revenue Of Rm3,868.7 Million On The Back Of A 5.1% Increase In Group Passenger Traffic In 9m19 Read more

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Malaysia Airports Looking To Improve Immigration Queueing Time At KLIA2

SEPANG – Yesterday (17 October 2019) klia2 experienced an unusually long arrival immigration queue time reaching nearly two hours thus resulting in dissatisfaction among passengers and airlines. This was an isolated incident as typically the immigration clearance at klia2 is within 10 minutes on the average. Based on our observation, the utilisation of immigration counters was at 70% during the unusually long queue.

According to Malaysia Airports chief operating officer Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, “We have communicated this concern to Immigration Department and we are working closely with them to prevent such incident from happening again. We acknowledge certain constraints faced by immigration and whilst they are putting in the efforts to increase resources, the airport is looking at ways to improve the customer experience by reducing the congestion at the area." One of the plans is to relocate the Eraman emporium at klia2 to cater to expansion and reconfiguration of the immigration area. The relocation of the Eraman walk-through emporium will free up more space and enable a smoother flow at the immigration.

“This exercise is underway and with the cooperation of all relevant stakeholders, we hope to expedite the implementation as soon as possible. This, together with the necessary cooperation from Immigration Department to fully man the counters especially during peak hours, will significantly improve the processing time at immigration moving forward.”

Dato’ Shukrie added that Malaysia Airports will continue working with all its stakeholders to ensure that service levels at its airports can be met.

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