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Meeters And Greeters Now Allowed Into Airports

This is among the latest exemption to stringent air travel SOP as part of the gradual relaxation in restrictions

SEPANG – The country’s main airport operator had received communication from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) that airports are now given the exemption to allow meeters and greeters to enter the terminal buildings. This has been put into effect immediately starting 19 June 2020. Previously, during the Movement Control Order (MCO), only passengers with valid travel documents had been allowed in. This latest exemption is in line with the gradual easing of restrictions in air travel for Malaysia. Among other relaxation include the exemption to strictly implement social distancing measures at the boarding gates to facilitate the boarding process in a timely manner.

These exemptions are given after a thorough scrutiny of all the COVID-19-related safety measures implemented at the airport. The current safety measures are deemed as satisfactory not only in preventing the spread of the disease but also in safeguarding the wellbeing of all airport guests and community.

With the recent relaxation in air travel restrictions and higher passenger traffic expected at the airport, we have geared up our efforts to protect the airport community and travelling public. These efforts are taken in collaboration with all government agencies operating at the airport, airline partners and ground handlers, as well as retailers. Most businesses at the airport have also resumed its operations in order to provide airport guests with a convenient travelling experience.

On top of mandatory use of face masks at the airport, body temperature screening using advanced thermal scanners, social distancing markers to help guide airport guests, and convenient placement of hand sanitisers throughout the airport journey, we have begun to leverage state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide a safe and contactless airport experience.

These include the availability of facial recognition technology, use of contactless security screening at checkpoints and installation of anti-microbial sneeze guards at service counters. Airport retailers and F&B operators also encourage the use contactless payment through the myriad e-payment services available at the outlets. Meanwhile, contact tracing which is an essential component in preventing the spread of the disease is also made mandatory at all outlets through established and approved contact tracing apps.

The airport terminals are also regularly sanitised and disinfected using various methods such as dry-mist fumigation with a water-based chemical that kills 99% of microorganisms, Blu-ray anion nano spray gun and micro-mist blower which forms a thin layer of coating that protects the surfaces from unwanted microorganism.

These measures are augmented by the presence of on-ground safety compliance officers patrolling the terminals and safety messages on digital screens to remind airport guests to continue practising safe measures. Our friendly roving Airport CARE Ambassadors are also available for passengers requiring assistance.

While we remain committed in ensuring the effectiveness of our safety measures, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all our guests to act in a responsible manner as we work towards making Malaysia safe from the spread of COVID-19. We also would like to advise all departing passengers to arrive at least three hours before their flight to avoid any inconveniences in light of the new normal in air travel.

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