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More Than 1,000 Flood Victims And Families Around Sepang Receive Food Aid, Basic Necessities And Temporary Shelter

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports is helping more than 1,000 flood victims and their families around Sepang with food aid and basic necessities under the #MYAirportCARES initiative. These include the community who are seeking refuge at the Masjid Sultan Abdul Samad KLIA because the road access to their homes have been temporarily cut off. These families have been provided with packed meals, dry and instant food, baby care and hygiene kits to help address some of their basic needs.

sepang flood

Managing Director of Malaysia Airports, Dato’ Iskandar Mizal Mahmood said that Sepang was among areas hardest hit by the flood situation, “Many of those affected are airport staff. We are doing our best to help and have activated a core team of about 30 volunteers to deliver the aid. Right now, we are providing basic necessities as a first response. Once the water has subsided, we will also help with the cleaning and provide some monetary assistance.”

“The airport has been diligently monitoring the effects of the floods in the surrounding areas, while ensuring that airport operations continue as usual. As many of those flood victims are also airport staff, we have called back some employees who were on their year-end leave and some others are even doing double shifts to make up for the shortfall in manpower,” he added.

With the monsoon season still ongoing and the anticipated increase in passenger movements during the upcoming holiday season, the airport community is on high alert to ensure the smooth running of the airport.  Passengers are advised to plan ahead their journey to the airport which includes the option of taking the KLIA Ekspres train so that they can arrive safely and on time.

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