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Penang International Airport Cleans Up And Carries Out Repair Works After Storm Hits The Island

PENANG –Penang International Airport (IATA Code: PEN) has cleaned up and carried out repair works after a storm hit the island on Friday night. Despite the damages to the airport, we are glad to share that no passengers were injured during the ordeal.

Some of the damages that incurred included partially torn roof and ceiling and broken glass doors and signage. A car was also reportedly hit by a damaged sculpture.

The storm also caused 21 flights to be delayed and 2 flights to be cancelled. The flight delays affected more than 1,000 passengers whilst 300 passengers of the cancelled flights were provided overnight accommodation.

Our crisis team has assessed the damage and coordinated with all parties involved at the airport to ensure a thorough clean up of the terminal and the runway is clear of debris for safe flight operations after the storm.

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