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Travel Safe And Seamlessly With Malaysia Airports This Chinese New Year

SEPANG - Malaysia Airports has joined hands with the Royal Malaysia Police, Royal Customs Malaysia and the Immigration Department of Malaysia to ensure a safe and seamless journey for passengers travelling via KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL) this Chinese New Year that coincides with the school holidays.

Group chief executive officer, Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin said, “We are expecting an increase of nearly 16% in passenger movements passing through both terminals at KUL, KLIA Main and klia2 during this super peak period from now till 13 February 2019. That would translate to about 196,000 passengers that we will be serving on a daily basis. In catering to this surge, we will be working closely with our friends from the authorities by placing more resources on the ground during this period.”

Among the many measures that will be reinforced by Malaysia Airports include managing the increase in traffic flow at the kerbsides for drop-offs and pick-ups. We will continue enforcing the 2-minute limit pick-up time to avoid congestion and reminding passengers to not park illegally along the main roads as it will endanger other motorists. Not only that, we have also increased the number of manpower to ensure that the kerbsides are manned tightly around the clock for smooth traffic flow.

For those who plan on driving to KUL, we have 5000 parking bays at the Long-Term Carpark (LTCP), whereby the first 30-minutes of parking is free and would benefit those who need to wait before picking up their passengers. If you park at the LTCP, just hop on to our free shuttle bus that runs every 15-minutes to get to the terminal.

We also advise passengers to use the self bag-drop facility and self check-in kiosks at both our terminals which will indeed shorten the queue and wait time. The processes will only take 1 minute through these digital initiatives. Our airline partners have been well informed of the potential increase in passenger movements and they will be on high alert in managing the crowd during the festive season through full manning of the check-in counters.

Raja Azmi also added, “With the additional Malaysian immigration autogates that were installed recently, I believe this will significantly reduce the queue time for all our passengers.” 10 new autogates were installed early last month replacing the previous 6 units at the International Departure Hall. These autogates boast of the latest biometrics technology and passengers can be assured of efficient clearance flow.

With the increased passenger flow at both the terminals,  we are placing our Airport CARE Ambassadors at additional touchpoints to help guide the crowd in way-finding more efficiently.  The ambassadors will also help reduce congestion by ushering passengers to use the complimentary shuttle bus services when heading to the satellite building that is available 24/7 at KLIA Main. Passengers who are at klia2, on the other hand, are encouraged to use the multiple walkalators at the terminal. We have also started providing complimentary and hassle-free wheelchair and baby stroller service across klia2 for the convenience of our passengers. Just take and use the facility till the gate whereby they will be collected by our team and pushed back into their respective nests.

The availability and cleanliness of our toilets during this super peak period are just as crucial. As toilet cleanliness is a major airport concern, we have increased the number of cleaners with 5 additional staff per shift as a measure to maintain the standard of cleanliness of the toilets at all our times.

Here are additional vital travel tips from us to you:

  1. Please arrive at least three hours before your flight departure time.
  2. Do utilise public transport as much as possible in getting to the airport. It only takes less than 30 minutes by ERL. 
  3. Please be mindful of traffic rules within the airport area. We have ample parking spaces at both terminals as well as a safe and convenient waiting area and 30-minute free parking facilities at the LTCP.
  4. Do utilise the automated processes that are available whenever possible such as web check-in, self-check-in kiosks, self-baggage-drop counters, and immigration autogates.
  5. If you are passing through KLIA Main, we encourage you to take advantage of the shuttle service instead of the Aerotrains as not only will it be a less crowded alternative, it is also fast, convenient and scenic. There will be 16 buses running continuously 24/7 between the contact pier and satellite building.
  6. Keep a lookout for the signage on nearest available washrooms in the event that the one you visited is fully occupied or is undergoing cleaning. There are a total of 238 toilets and 55 surau at both terminals the convenience of passengers.
  7. Should you require any assistance at the airport, please approach our CARE Ambassadors who can be easily recognised by their shoulder sash that says ‘Ask Me’.

On a final note, Malaysia Airports wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a happy journey!

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