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1,000 Bigger, Brighter And Safer Car Park Bays For Subang Airport

SUBANG - Subang Airport (SZB) will be upgraded with 1,000 car park bays that are to bigger, brighter and safer, for the convenience and safety of the passengers and airport community. The project that is expected to complete by 3Q this year includes adding 200 extra parking bays to the current 800 available bays, improving lightings with heavy duty spotlights and enhancing directional signage for easy navigation. More importantly, we will be installing the latest state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras (CCTV) to ensure the continued safety of users.

Mohon Kerajaan Kaji Semula Hasrat Cairkan Pegangan LTSAAS Kepada Pihak Swasta

SEPANG – Berikut merupakan kenyataan daripada Pengerusi Malaysia Airports, Dato’ Seri Diraja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir berhubung isu Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Subang (LTSAAS Subang) yang sedang giat di diperkatakan di ruangan media arus perdana dan juga media sosial.

“Selaku Pengerusi Malaysia Airports, saya amat memandang serius berita yang telah disiarkan oleh pelbagai media dan beberapa individu mengenai cadangan kepada pihak kerajaan tentang pengambilalihan LTSAAS Subang oleh pihak swasta.

Stakeholders Display Highest Level Of Commitment To Protect National Asset During LTSAAS Helang Merah Exercise

Subang- Malaysia Airports successfully concluded the Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (LTSAAS) Helang Merah Emergency Exercise that was carried out virtually with the participation of over 200 personnel from more than 66 government and private agencies. The tabletop exercise that comprised players, observers, evaluators and as well as coordinators aimed to test LTSAAS’ readiness in responding to an emergency according to the set Aerodrome Emergency Plan (AEP).

A Comprehensive And Strategic Long-Term Plan To Develop Ltsaas (Subang Airport) Into A Preferred Aerospace And Business Aviation Hub In APAC

SUBANG – Malaysia Airports had submitted a comprehensive strategic plan for the long-term development of Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (LTSAAS) to the Government. The plan which has been verified through extensive benchmarking and stakeholder engagements, and further validated by independent parties is premised on three focus areas, namely Aerospace Ecosystem, Business Aviation and Urban Community Airport. It is meant to propel LTSAAS into becoming the preferred aerospace and business aviation hub in Asia Pacific in the next 5 years.

Malaysia Airports Harap LTSAAS Subang Kekal Sebagai Pusat Penerbangan Dan Aeroangkasa Selaras Perancangan “Subang Airport Regeneration”

SEPANG – Berikut merupakan kenyataan daripada Pengerusi Malaysia Airports, Dato’ Seri Diraja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir berhubung cadangan pengambilalihan isu Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Subang (LTSAAS Subang) susulan daripada mesyuarat ahli lembaga pengarah yang telah dijalankan pada hari ini.

Malaysia Airports Further Propels Subang Regeneration Initiative By Inking Partnership With Two International Aerospace Players

LANGKAWI – Malaysia Airports signs partnership agreements with two global aerospace players namely Boustead Projects Limited and TP Aerospace Malaysia at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2019 earlier today to commemorate the parties’ commitments in propelling the Subang Airport Regeneration Initiative.

Response To The Malay Mail Article “Airport Authority ‘Negligent’, Vincent Tan Says After Runway Crash

SEPANG- In reference to the statement made by Tan Sri Vincent Tan in the Malay Mail on the Subang runway accident, we wish to reiterate that investigations are currently still ongoing by the Air Accident Investigation Bureau under the Ministry of Transport as well as the Royal Malaysia Police. Any conclusions at this stage is premature and we urge the media and public to refrain from making any speculation until the investigations are fully completed by the authorities.

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