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Clarification on the Implementation of 5-minute Waiting Time for E-Hailing Drivers at KLIA

SEPANG – We wish to provide some clarification on the implementation of a five-minute waiting time for all e-hailing drivers at KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL). The implementation is meant to manage any potential congestion by ensuring smooth vehicle flow at the terminal kerbside and not as a way to generate additional revenue as claimed by some parties. As a busy airport, KUL has an average of 165,000 passengers passing through both KLIA Main and klia2 terminals daily. The public transport hub at both terminals combined see an average of 2,200 public transport vehicles daily, including an average of 300 e-hailing drivers. Due to this, it is very important that we impose a maximum waiting time to avoid congestion and any subsequent inconvenience to all our airport guests. 

In determining the maximum waiting time, Malaysia Airports had conducted a study prior to the implementation which shows that passenger pick-up for a six-person ride which includes senior citizens and children can be achieved within less than four minutes. Our data has also shown that since 12 October 2019, 95% of all e-hailing drivers had managed to do so and this has significantly improved the vehicle flow at the terminal kerbside and reduced congestion. 

Any e-hailing drivers picking up passengers at the terminal can easily avoid paying any extra charges by driving out of the terminal within the allocated time. No charges will be imposed if they exit within the allocated time. In the event that their passengers are not yet waiting at the designated pick-point within the stipulated time, drivers can then opt to exit the area first and re-enter the kerbside area. 

We would also like to suggest that all e-hailing drivers make prior confirmation with their passengers to ensure that passengers are already waiting at the pick-up point. This same process was also outlined in the circular that we had sent out to all e-hailing operators. On top of this, Malaysia Airports has also designated an additional waiting area for e-hailing drivers opposite the Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) which is just a 5-minute drive away from the terminal. We encourage all e-hailing drivers to make full use of this waiting area as it will help you to cooperate in reducing congestion at the terminal kerbside. 

We are constantly on lookout to provide a better experience in support of the e-hailing transportation mode. As such, we are also currently in talks with gateway@klia2 shopping mall who is the transport hub operator at klia2 terminal to resolve the issue of the RM5 entrance fee to the transport hub.

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