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Practising Sensible Economics
We aim to create more opportunities and value for our stakeholders.

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Practising Sensible Economics


Two of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted in reference to practising sensible economics are:



Decent work and economic growth to encourage development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Goal is to achieve full and productive employment by 2030.



Sustainable cities and communities which means ensuring access to safe and affordable housing investment in public transportation, creating green public spaces and improving urban planning to minimise increasing poverty rate.


To support these goals in practicing sensible economics, we have implemented several strategies in ensuring sustainability in the organisation.

Distribution of Economic Value



Apart from payments made to capital providers, a significant amount is allocated for employee wages and benefits including a properly funded retirement plan as this is vital in attracting and retaining employees. Our employees enjoy between 15% to 17% of employer EPF contribution during their service with the company.


Hiring Qualified Local Talent


We believe that our local Malaysian talent is a valuable asset as they have a solid understanding of the local market and also well-versed in global trends and the international implications of our business. Therefore, as much as possible, hiring for all positions in the company is sourced locally.

Runway to Success 2020


The implementation of our business strategy is guided by our five-year business plan Runway to Success 2020. The two main thrusts of the plan are to strengthen our core businesses as well as to actively expand and diversify our services.

Sustainable Retailing


Nearly half of our aeronautical revenue is contributed by our wholly-owned retail subsidiary, Malaysia Airports (Niaga), also known through its brand name Eraman. Guaranteeing compliance to quality standards for products and services and responding to customer needs are our main thrusts in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our commitment to sustainability also includes encouraging eco-friendly products and services. Bio-degradable packaging materials are already introduced at certain Eraman’s outlets and product categories. We intend to encourage green consumerism, as we believe it will have a positive impact on the local socio-economic context and the environment.

Supply Chain Sustainability


We practise zero tolerance towards corruption and it is important for us to work with vendors who share our principles of managing economic, environmental and social impacts responsibly. All our vendors are expected to uphold the principles set in the Vendor Code of Ethics and Vendor Integrity Pact.


*This section must be read in tandem with the information provided in our Sustainability Report 2017

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