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Memorable Airport Experiences
From ambience to amenities, we strive to make our airports both a destination and an experience. Total Airport Experience (TAE); one of the main thrusts of Runway to Success 2020, aims to enhance the airport experience for our stakeholders and build up our capabilities to uplift service quality.

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Memorable Airport Experiences


The three key stakeholders highlighted under TAE are the airlines, the passengers and the retailers. Creating sustainable lines of communication between the passengers and other key stakeholders, and our business, is an effective way to realise our shortcomings and plan for improvements.

Total Airport Experience (TAE) Key Stakeholders


Significantly enhanced through Strategic Airline Marketing and monitoring the Airline-Airport Performance


Better connectivity, improvised check-in processes and development of mobile application


Commercial improvement by retail optimisation plan and Eraman Brand Refresh


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted in reference to create a memorable airport experience is:


Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.


We have implemented several initiatives to ensure sustainability in creating a world-class airport experience in line with the SDG:

Airport Service Quality


We believe that service quality must be rooted in the values that form our corporate culture. We participate in Airports Council international (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme, a global benchmarking programme that measures passenger satisfaction while travelling through airports.

Social Media and Going Online


We aim to increase our online presence through digital platforms to enhance customer engagement level. Currently, we have presence on all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Linkedin and Weibo. These platforms serve as a channel for information dissemination, as well as for garnering feedback.

Customer Affairs & Resolution Excellence (CARE)


Our CARE unit is dedicated in responding to passenger feedback through various platform including social media to ensure that all of our passengers’ needs and wants are being addressed. The feedback is channelled to the CAREsys Feedback Management System so that all feedback are monitored for timely resolution.


*This section must be read in tandem with the information provided in our Sustainability Report 2017

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