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KLIA Aerotrain Replacement Project Back On Track

Trains to be operational as per original schedule

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports has entered into an agreement with ALSTOM Transport Systems (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Alstom) and a joint venture consisting of IJM Construction Sdn. Bhd. and Pestech Technology Sdn. Bhd. (IJMC-Pestech JV), to steer the Aerotrain Replacement Project back on track.

Under this new agreement, Alstom, the new Aerotrain's original equipment manufacturer (OEM), will serve as the Project Coordination Lead and be responsible for the coordination works to recommence the project and deliver three new trains and two lines by Q1 2025.

In making this decision, the Board of Malaysia Airports considered two key focus areas, which were (1) keeping to the agreed, fit-for-purpose technology, and (2) ensuring the project can meet the original timeline for the operations of both lines. Alstom’s involvement as the new Project Coordination Lead provides a layer of assurance to the project, given the company’s successful track record in similar ventures. Notable examples include automated people mover installations at global airports such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Dubai International Airport (DXB), King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah (JED), and Munich International Airport (MUC).

In assuming the role to spearhead the project management and coordination, Alstom was accorded the prerogative in selecting their partners for works outside their scope. In this regard, Alstom has selected to work with the IJMC-Pestech JV for work scopes involving civil engineering and train power supply components, among others. Alstom will take up the majority of the scope of work in the project.

To ensure project continuity and adherence to the original timeline, this new contract with Alstom, excluding operation and maintenance, is expected to incur a cost increase which will be capped at 15%, bringing the project cost to RM456.1 million. This increase is attributed to interest holding costs, foreign exchange considerations, remobilisation expenses, as well as project coordination fees to Alstom. Malaysia Airports’ Acting Group Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Rastam Shahrom said this is an acceptable variance for this project and allows it to get back on track, “The decision to deliver three trains and completing both lines simultaneously allows for optimal replacement works, to achieve the project completion date as originally

“We are looking forward to the contractors delivering the project by Q1 2025, for the comfort and convenience of our passengers at KLIA,” he said. Alstom’s Singapore & Malaysia Cluster Managing Director, Yann Maixandeau said, “We are glad to resume work on this important national project in partnership with Malaysia Airports and IJMC-Pestech JV. Our team is committed to overcoming challenges,
ensuring timely delivery, and enhancing the travel experience at KL International Airport.”

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