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KLIA Completes Refurbishment Of 25 Surau In Terminal 1 In Four Months

Refurbishment is part of Malaysia Airports commitment to enhance passenger comfort and experience by upgrading its facilities

SEPANG – In a significant move to prioritise passenger comfort and experience, KL International Airport (KLIA) has completed a comprehensive upgrade of the surau facilities in Terminal 1 (T1) in just four months. This initiative is part of Malaysia Airports’ broader commitment to enhance overall passenger comfort and experience through continuous improvements and modernisations of airport facilities.

The refurbishment project, which began in January 2024 and concluded in April 2024, saw the transformation of 25 surau (Muslim prayer rooms), including 12 for males and 13 for females. The upgrades go beyond aesthetic enhancements, focusing also on functionality and inclusivity. The new prayers rooms are designed to better accommodate all users, including those with disabilities.

Among the key enhancements include installation of new carpets, wainscoting walls, aesthetic wall designs, mihrab installations, air scenting system, as well as upgrades to floor and ceiling finishes. Improvements were also made to the ablution areas by adding dividers for better space utilisation.

The upgraded surau facilities were officially inaugurated today by Penolong Mufti Kanan Jabatan Mufti Negeri Selangor, Ustaz Abdul Wahid Bin Ishak. The ceremony included a Yassin recital to give thanks for the successful completion of the project. The ceremony was also attended by the Acting Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airports, Mohamed Rastam Shahrom, together
with other members of the airport community.

The surau refurbishment project will also extend to 40 prayers rooms in Terminal 2 (T2). This phase of the project is currently being implemented in stages and is due to complete in early 2025.

In addition to the surau upgrades, Malaysia Airports is undertaking a series of other enhancements to improve passenger experience at its airports. These include modernisation of terminal facilities such as baggage handling system and Aerotrains; enhanced digital services for smoother passenger processing such as installation of additional self-service bag-drop counters and biometric facial recognition totems; revitalisation of its commercial area and many more.

These ongoing commitment to facility enhancements underscores the airport operator's dedication to ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience for all airport guests.


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