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Latest Update On Systems Disruption At KLIA

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports wish to inform that as at 6.00 am today, the team is still in the midst of stabilising the system at KUL. As mentioned earlier, the systems disruption has caused flights delays. In mitigating this, we have utilised all 38 remote bays at KLIA Main Terminal to cater to aircraft that are not able to proceed to the scheduled gates as they are still being occupied.

Following this, we have also provided four additional buses, as well as ground handling services for the airlines in order to facilitate passenger movements to ferry passengers to the remote bays from the terminal and vice versa. This is to ease the flow of passengers at the gates affected by the delayed flights. We had also extended the operating hours at all our other airports nationwide last night in order to cater to the delayed departing flights from KUL.

Additionally, we had also provided free parking for all passengers who parked at KLIA Main Terminal (Block A, B, C and D) till 6.00 am today (23/8) as many had encountered delays of arrival flights.

Once again, we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to all passengers. We encourage everyone to reach the airport at least four hours before their flight departure time. Please also check-in via the respective airlines’ mobile app or website.

Do reach out to our airport staff for immediate assistance or if you require information regarding your flight details. Stay updated through our social media platforms or the next news release.

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