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Travel Advisory For The Long Weekend

Malaysia Airports gears up for the super peak travel period encompassing two continuous public holidays

SEPANG – With two consecutive public holidays coming up leading to a long weekend for most Malaysians, Malaysia Airports is expecting higher than usual passenger traffic movements at all our airports, especially at our flagship airport KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL). We are expecting to see an average of 160,000 daily passenger traffic movements at KUL during this period.

As such, we would like to advise all passengers travelling through KUL (including klia2) to check-in online earlier through the airlines’ websites and be at the airport four hours prior to departure in order to be at the boarding gate on time.

We remain committed in ensuring that the passenger journey is seamless. Our 1,000 strong volunteer staff that has been put in place since the start of the network failure will remain in force throughout this super peak travel period.

Passengers are also advised to take note on the daily airspace closure at KUL between 9.00am to 10.30am from 27 to 31 August 2019 to make way for the National Day rehearsals and celebration. Around 85 flights are expected to be affected due to the airspace closure and passengers should check on the latest flight schedules from their respective airlines.

The teams manning the many facilities at both terminals including klia2, have been put on high alert to ensure traffic management, car park availability, washroom cleanliness and Aerotrain operations among others are well managed during this period.

Drivers heading to KUL are reminded to adhere strictly to the 2-minute pick up and drop off time at the kerbside to avoid traffic congestion. Together with the Royal Malaysia Police, we will be monitoring the flow of vehicles and prevent unauthorised parking. Passengers, upon entering the terminal, may look for the roving Airport CARE Ambassadors and any other airport staff for further assistance. These personnel are easily recognisable through the ‘Ask Me' sash or the neon yellow vest that they have on.

For the convenience of our passengers, KUL also provides 30-minute free parking at the 5,000-bay Long Term Car Park (LTCP) to those who need to wait and pick up passengers. There is also the free shuttle bus service from the LTCP to the terminals that operate at 15-minute intervals for passengers and meeters-and-greeters.

Once again, we wish to issue these travel reminders to our passengers:
1) Please arrive at least four hours before your flight departure time.
2) Do utilise public transport as much as possible in getting to the airport. It only takes about 30 minutes by KLIA Express to get to KUL.
3) Please be mindful of traffic rules within the airport area. We have ample parking spaces at both terminals as well as a safe and convenient waiting area and 30-minute free parking facility at the LTCP.
4) Do utilise the available automated processes whenever possible such as web check-in and self baggage drop.

5) If you are passing through KLIA Main Terminal, we encourage you to take advantage of the shuttle service instead of the Aerotrains as not only will it be a less crowded alternative, it is also fast, convenient and scenic. Our buses run continuously 24/7 between the contact pier and satellite building.
6) Keep a lookout for the signage on nearest available washrooms in the event that the one you visited is fully occupied or is undergoing cleaning. There are a total of 238 toilets and 55 surau at both terminals for the convenience of passengers.
To all passengers, Malaysia Airports wishes you Selamat Hari Kebangsaan and Salam Awal Muharram. Have a happy journey ahead!

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