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New Private COVID-19 Screening Facility At KLIA Now Open

SEPANG – International passengers arriving at KL International Airport (KLIA) can now experience its new private COVID-19 screening facility that promises safe, convenient and efficient testing procedures. This Health Screening Centre started operating yesterday (19 September 2021) and is able to provide COVID-19 RTK, Rapid Molecular PCR and RT-PCR results within 15 minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours respectively, resulting in shorter wait times for passengers. This testing facility is available at five locations in KLIA Main Terminal and three at klia2.

Airports Are Well Prepared As Domestic Air Travel Resumes

Travel Advisory by Malaysia Airports Following The Implementation Of Conditional Movement Control Order

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports has stepped up its standard operating procedures even more by implementing additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety of passengers as domestic air travel resumes.  Among the new measures include making the use of face mask compulsory when entering the terminal building. The airport operator will also be facilitating the Ministry of Health in carrying out the rapid tests at KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL).

Ba’kelalan Stolport Vital For Supplies Distribution To Isolated Villages At Maligan Highlands

SEPANG – Known as the last frontier of Sarawak, Ba’kelalan is a difficult 8-hour drive, half of which is on a tough logging road on a four-wheel drive, from the nearest town of Lawas. Since the nation-wide Movement Control Order was imposed on March 18 to prevent Covid-19 infections from spreading, the communities living here have relied on air transport for medical supplies and essentials like sugar, cooking oil and flour.

In early April, the first food-aid mission from Miri landed at the Ba’kelalan STOLport, or short take-off and landing airport.

KLIA Starts Disinfecting Arriving Baggage With Newly Installed UV Tunnels

SEPANG- KL International Airport (KLIA) has started disinfecting arriving baggage with its new automatic ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system as part of its continuous efforts to curb COVID-19. The new facility comprising UV bulbs installed in an enclosed tunnel within the baggage handling system (BHS) disinfects baggage automatically as it passes through the conveyor system. Two out of four tunnels have been successfully installed while the remaining tunnels are expected to be completed next month.

Imminent Vaccination Roll Out And Travel Bubbles Expected To Improve Air Traffic Numbers

SEPANG – Recent announcements by the Malaysian government on nationwide COVID-19 vaccination roll-out starting April 2020, and reciprocal green lane / travel corridor arrangement (RGL/TCA) between Malaysia and Indonesia are expected to have a positive impact on the recovery of national aviation industry in the coming months. Despite the drop in overall passenger traffic movements in Malaysia last month, international passenger traffic had increased by about 25% from the preceding month, even with border closures and strict quarantine measures.

UV Technology Used To Disinfect Arriving Baggage For Added Safety

SEPANG - KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL) will be introducing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology to disinfect all arriving baggage as its latest safety measure in curbing the COVID-19 outbreak. The UV radiation system is among several expedited Airports 4.0 initiatives to ensure that airport safety remains at the highest level. UV bulbs are installed in an enclosed tunnel within the baggage handling system (BHS) and will disinfect baggage automatically as it passes through the conveyor system.


19 More Airports Nationwide Installed With Latest Safety Equipments

Installation of the latest thermal scanners and additional sneeze guards at 19 airports to keep airports safe

SEPANG – Malaysia Airports continues its efforts in keeping airport guests safe from the spread of COVID-19 by installing the latest thermal scanners and additional sneeze guards at 19 more airports nationwide. Visitors to the airports can be rest assured that they will have a safe airport experience as the airport operator continually implements various contactless and physical distancing solutions at critical checkpoints throughout the terminals.

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